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Have you met wet brillo? His son’s an armadillo with a glass of onion whine.
Decaying, straight, veneers debating what you picked from the grape vine.
Sour names, and voices to be blamed underneath your big, green eyes.
Pulling out the ladder, ‘cause you got to look all right.

I don’t want nothing to come between me and you.
A freezer friendship makes the better of us two.
We’ll share our feelings and leave one another dazed,
Not sparing feelings, I’m just trying to save face.

80-proven and it’s Godspeed movin’ that your daughter is whore.
Caress it, fuck it up and dress it when you slip outside the norm.
Now it’s trite not to fight all the sleights in your life when it’s easier to conform.
Baby ain’t you swingin’ with the men yet to abort?

Eye doughnut muffin tooth, competing me and you.
A free serf rented mates the bitter office tube.
Well, Cher, our feetlips empty fun and other days,
Nazi ring peelings, I’m just drying dual safe haze.

Livin’ like a leech and a lover, boxing parts of other’s tombs.
Baby you make me want to throw my mind around the room.
Blinkin’ now to stop to pick a lip-lock to stab me with a gun.
No respect but still protecting all reputations.
Now I’m giving the man the labardan, it’s a just a joke- no, don’t you dare think
It’s your chance to take a little chance, but, chances are you will sink.
Slip that tip to slick a little clip of you into acceptance.
Not sparing feeling’s I’ve just got to look alright.

I don’t want nothing too, cum between me and you.
A freezer friendship makes the better of us, too.
We’ll share our ceilings and leave, want another, days.
Crisp eats our French if I’ve just got two look-alikes, hey!




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A Verbal Equinox New Jersey

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